What are cookies and how do they affect me?

This site uses cookies.

Cookies are pieces of data that are sent from our website to your browser, which may then store them on your computer system. Cookies cannot gather or store personal information. We use cookies to see how our website is used, find out what areas are popular, and then improve the site.

This site uses both ‘session cookies', which disappear as soon as you close your browser, and ‘permanent cookies', which are kept on your computer. Neither of these types of cookie stores or gathers any personal information about you.

To shop at www.elc.co.uk you need to have cookies enabled on your browser. The most common browser used today is Internet Explorer. To turn cookies on in Internet Explorer, please perform the following actions:

  • Select the 'Tools' option in the browser window,
  • Select the 'Internet Options' menu,
  • Select the Privacy tab, and set the level to 'medium-high'

This will ensure that cookies are enabled and the site will remember your details, without exposing you to unwanted 3rd party cookies.

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