How do I go about getting my child modelling for Mothercare and Early Learning Centre?

We use models from several modelling agencies for our company. The majority of child model agencies are located in London, as that is where most of the work is. However, children can be selected from outside the London area.

The agencies depend on parents being committed to modelling as children have to attend castings and may or may not get the job, plus transport to castings/shoots is paid for by the parents. In addition parents are asked to chaperone their children and ensure they are available when the client wishes to shoot.

We're unable to guarantee exposure into our catalogue or other literature that may be produced. We generally use children between the ages of 0-5yrs with the majority chosen 3 yrs.

There is a really helpful article in Gurgle magazine for you to read before you start

Although we do not hire directly through Mothercare and Early Learning Centre, click here to contact the following agencies that provide us with our models: 


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