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What is a gift list?

Whether you're planning for a birth, baby shower or another special occasion, Gift Lists allow you to create a list of products you want and share it with your friends and family.

Create a gift list for a special occasion, browse and add items to the list.

A gift list for your new baby can be set up on our website once you have registered. Once you set up the list you are given the option to email friends and family so they can view your list. Your friends and family will have the option to ship the gift to your address (without having to know or view your address) or their own. A gift list can also be viewed and paid for in-store.

You can add, change or remove items form the list. You can add your delivery address and amend that if you need to.

You can also see the gifts that have been bought from your list on the "Gifts Purchased" screen in your Gift List.

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